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Next Gen Alternators warrants to the original user or original purchaser that all Next Gen alternators and all parts thereof are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal services and use. Next Gen Alternators’ obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacing and/or repairing at our discretion. Next Gen Alternators warrants all units for 12 months parts only from the in service date with an optional $100 2 year warranty. Next Gen Alternators does not cover any labor expense incurred for removing and/or replacement of the alternator.

Any alternator shipped back for warranty without prior communication will be held until contact is made by the client. Once we have received notice and upon arrival of the unit, Next Gen Alternators will analyze the unit. If the unit is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at Next Gen Alternators’ cost and returned at no cost via FedEx or UPS ground to the client. The client may upgrade to expedited shipping by notifying us before the unit is shipped out and an invoice will be sent to them which upon payment will allow us to send the unit out as quickly as possible. Units found not to be defective will be returned to the client at their expense unless otherwise noted.

Keep the accessories (i.e. adapter blocks, wiring harness, and/or spacers) when shipping back the alternator; the only thing that should be returned to our facility is the alternator itself. When sending the unit back, package the alternator in nothing less than a 10x10x10 box to ensure maximum protection with bubble wrap and/or other protection.

Alternator(s) should NEVER be sent out to us in any flat rate box; this could potentially damage the alternator when in route to our facility and we will not be held liable for those damages.  We highly recommend that the client purchases sufficient insurance through the shipment carrier to combat any damages that occur during the transit. Next Gen Alternators is not responsible for any damages that may occur to an alternator while in transit. The client will be responsible for the cost of any repairs caused by shipping accidents and/or damage to an alternator even if the alternator is covered under Next Gen’s warranty.

The warranties herein shall be null and void if the alternator is not maintained according to Next Gen Alternators’s instructions and if a unit has been tampered with and/or we determine “foul play”. The unit must be installed according to Next Gen Alternators’s instructions – failure to do so could and will void the warranty. Make sure to do the big 3 upgrade before installation and change the vehicles oem belt to or close to a half an inch – one inch shorter belt.

The guarantees set forth in this limited warranty are the restrictive privileges of the first proprietor of the unit and are non-transferable. This guarantee doesn’t influence some other lawful rights you may have by activity of law.